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You don't get more perfect than this! [entries|friends|calendar]
James Potter

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4th [30 Aug 2005|05:22pm]
I swear, I think one of my mates must be hiding this blasted thing on me! Every time I go to write in it, it's never in the place I remember leaving it, and then when I turn around it's been moved again. Let me tell you right now, whomever the culprit may be, it is not amusing! Makes me feel bloody absent-minded, it does. With all the classwork and essay I've got to remember, having this book moved around on me is certainly the last thing I'm concerned with. I'd given up on finding it again after a couple of searches, and then it seems to just reappear when I've absolutely forgotten about it! Weird magic.

Anywho, I wonder how all my lovely mates have been doing? I've only seen Pads and Moony, oh and Wormtail, recently. And Lils, of course, but mostly that's to take care of head boy/girl stuff and not to be all romantic-like.

Well, off to finish that horrendously long potions essay...
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3rd [05 Aug 2005|12:32pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Blimey, if it isn't me forgetting my responsibilities, it's me forgetting about these bloody journals. Honestly, who really has time to sit down and write in these things? I assure you my life is just as exciting and interesting as it always has been, and I'm sure everyone has been waiting for an update. But, not all details of my life can be shared, of course. Some happen to fall into the relm of Self-Incrimination or Super Top Secret, as I like to call it.

Let me tell you, these 1st years seem to be, on the whole, more rowdy than I remember previous years being! Maybe my being Head Boy has created a need for me to look a bit harder at the goings on, but I still let many things slide by. After all, they're just having some fun! Us Marauders certainly caused our fair share of havoc during our first year! But I feel like now it's more widespread and disorderly. I think the art of careful planning may have been totally lost! My heart aches at the thought, really. Nothing is as wonderful as a carefully mastered plan for mischief.

Well, that's all the down time I've really got for now. Should be finishing up that Herbology work. Never could understand the point of essays for Herbology. Isn't learning by practice a lot more effective in a class like that?

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2nd [23 Jul 2005|12:30am]
Haha, I'd nearly forgotten that there was actually RESPONSIBILITY with being Head Boy, and not just the fancy suite. Funny how those things can slip one's mind.

And where does Slughorn get off thinking he can assign us so much bloody work after a session of double potions? Blasphemous, says I! I'd consider not doing it, if it weren't already done. Quite easy to do it over lunch since my mates were mysteriously missing from the Great Hall this lovely lunchtime. Gave me a little peace and quiet for once! Haha!
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1st [19 Jul 2005|01:37pm]
I believe Moony's a bit jealous that I've become Head Boy! Hahaha, that prat! Sirius has been looking in a right state since we got on the Express the other day, and I must wonder, if he really thinks this will change our wonderful plans for this year? Knowing me, his best mate, does he think I'd let a little thing like becoming Head Boy get in my way? Think of it this way, 've got my own suite, don't I? Perfect for planning and plotting without being overheard! Do they really think I wasn't planning ahead? Ha!

I haven't seen my Lovely Lily since the Sorting last night. Suppose we both had to do some catch-up with our mates. We'll have to make up for lost time!
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